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The new WordPress Twenty Twenty theme was released with WordPress 5.3 on 12 November 2019. In my humble opinion, it is a very well constructed new theme, which has been fully optimised to be used with the block editor, as opposed to the classic editor. By the way, you are all now using the block editor, aren’t you? If not, shame on you!

Twenty Twenty is based on the Chaplin theme by Anders Norén. It has some great customisation options available in the Customiser.

Site Identity

This section of the Customiser allows you, as usual, to type in your site title and tagline. You can also choose a logo and scale it to half of its uploaded size, so as to make it appear sharp on high resolution screens. I think this is a nice little touch from the designers, don’t you think? Also, you can upload a site icon to use in browser tabs, bookmark/favourite bars and the WordPress mobile apps.


In this section, you can choose your own background, header and footer colours. Another nice touch is that the text colour adapts to your choice of colour, so that your text is always legible. You can, also, choose the primary colour, which you use for links, buttons and featured images. The default primary or accent colour is a shade of red, but you can choose your own colour by using the slider.

Theme Options

Here, you can show the search icon in the header, or turn it off. It’s your choice! Also, you can choose whether your posts show a summary or the full text. It’s worth pointing out that, if you use the Read More block in your posts, you need to choose “Full text” rather than “Summary”.

Cover Template

In this section, you can choose settings for the “Cover Template” page template. This template allows you to use a solid colour or a featured image as a background. You can choose to fix the background image, which creates a parallax effect when your visitor scrolls. I would, personally, think twice about doing this, as this causes nausea in some people! You can, also, choose the overlay background colour, overlay text colour and overlay opacity. Just make sure that the contrast is high enough so that your text is legible!

Background Image

Here, you can select a background image for your pages and choose how to display it. Once again, just be careful with your chosen image! Some images just don’t work as a background!


This theme can display menus in 5 different locations. You can have a choice of two desktop menus, which will display at the top right hand corner of your site, a different mobile menu, a footer menu and a social menu. Just go and play around with them and see what takes your fancy!


In this section, you can add widgets on the left (Footer #1) and on the right (Footer #2) on desktop. On mobile, of course, they appear one on top of the other!

Homepage Settings

Here, as usual, you can choose what to display on the homepage of your site. You can display your blog posts, latest first, or a fixed/static page. If you choose a static page, you will, of course, have to create a homepage and a blog page!

Additional CSS

In this section, you can add your own CSS code to customise the appearance and layout of your site. The good thing about using this section of the Customiser is that your customisations will not be affected by any future theme updates.

I have just started to customise my site and have already come up with a few CSS tweaks.

If, like me, you are the sole author on your site, you will, no doubt, want to hide the post author metadata. To do this, you just need to type the following into the Additional CSS section of your Customiser: {display: none;}

If, at the bottom of a post, you want to change “Leave a Reply” to “Leave A Reply”, just type:

.comment-reply-title {text-transform: capitalize;}

If you want to centre the Akismet privacy notice underneath the comment box, just type:

p.akismet_comment_form_privacy_notice {text-align: center;}


I really like the new WordPress Twenty Twenty theme and am looking forward to exploring it further and discovering some new CSS customisations. Why not give it a try and let me know what you think?

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