Punjabi Junction. The Little Royal Blue Café!

My wife and I have been meaning to go to Punjabi Junction for a long time now. Therefore, we took the plunge and got on the bus to the foot of Edinburgh’s legendary Leith Walk to visit the “little royal blue café”.

Punjabi Junction is a social enterprise community café, serving traditional Punjabi homemade dishes. It opened in 2010, according to its website, as Punjab’n De Rasoi. Its aim; to provide minority ethnic women with training and employment opportunities, develop confidence, reduce social exclusion and promote and sustain the Sikh culture in Edinburgh. As a result of its great success, it relaunched three and a half years later as Punjabi Junction.

Anyway, we decided to order a selection of dishes to share. First of all, we tried the Vegetable Pakora, served with salad and spicy tamarind chutney. Next, we had the Tandoori Chicken Salad and the Pulao Rice perfumed with spices and vegetables. Finally, we had the Spinach & Mint Wrap, a large chapatti filled with spinach and tomato and mint chutney. We washed this all down with a glass, or two, of Scotland’s national drink, Irn Bru.

Our first trip to Punjabi Junction was all that we had imagined it would be. So, here’s to the next time! Oh yes, the food was great, but I think you had probably worked that out anyway, no? Talking about food, another great place to try is The Scottish Café & Restaurant!

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