Finding Your Niche in the Blogging World


Many of us, myself included, have fancy ideas about the content of our blogs. We have a general idea about what we want to write, and want to find our niche. However, when it comes down to it, things don’t always turn out as planned. Let me explain.

When I first started out, I decided to write a lifestyle blog, the primary function of my website. My intention was to write about my everyday life as a retiree in Edinburgh, Scotland. Well, that’s what I thought at the time! I set myself a target of posting once a week, just to make sure I kept up the momentum. Two and a bit months, and 11 posts, later, I can look back and see that I have not necessarily stuck to this. Hey ho, the best laid plans and all that!

The fact that I have veered away from my original idea of what my blog should contain, proves, I think, that I am well on the way to finding my niche. I honestly believe that you need to push the boundaries of the box that you have built for yourself. By doing this and writing about what inspires you, you should, in theory, be well on the way to finding your niche in the blogosphere.

You don’t need to feel guilty that you are not sticking to your original brief. The fact, that you are not writing about what you had initially intended, is a good indication that you are actively striving to find your own little part of the blogging world. At least, that is what I keep telling myself.

Once you have decided on the focus of your blog, it’s time to concentrate on how it fits within your website. Perhaps that is better saved for a future post? Oh well, it looks like I am pushing the boundaries of my box again. Until the next time.

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