Finding Vulnerabilities in WordPress


Check out this YouTube video. Ryan Dewhurst is an ethical hacker and penetration tester. He has developed tools to make it easier to find vulnerabilities in WordPress.

Ethical hackers/penetration testers work to find vulnerabilities. You can then patch them before unethical hackers exploit them. Ryan talks about these tools, how they work and, consequently, how you can use them to “hack” your own site to test its security.

The security of your website is of paramount importance in today’s climate. We are all paranoid that so-called “bad actors” are going to come to try to find vulnerabilities in our WordPress site.

So, this video gives an insight into how we can make our sites more secure. It tells us what we need to do to patch any vulnerabilities which unethical hackers (bad actors) can exploit.

We all need to be aware that we live in a world where some people feel the need to hack into a website. This is not, always, because they want to steal anything, but, simply, because of the satisfaction they get by doing so.

This video should give you comfort that you can now do something to mitigate the risks of being unethically hacked.


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